Nidos de Todos
Bogotá, Colombia (2018)

Nido De Todos is an initiative that was born in the Fundamentals 3 class of the Master's Degree in Design at the University of Los Andes, which seeks to make visible the interactive design skills acquired, which facilitates the creation of a bridge between cyberspace and the physical environment, and the tangibility of digital information. In that sense and as part of our exploration, we decided to tie the concept of Interactive Design to the issues of Biodiversity and Textiles in order to create a reactive installation that generates concerns and opinions about the environment.

Colombia is the number one country in bird biodiversity worldwide and the University of Los Andes becomes an important transit point for 77 species sighted on campus, which can be seen in greater detail in the book published in 2017: Illustrated Guide to Birds of the University of Los Andes, whose main objective was to socialize the knowledge of birds on campus, as well as to sensitize members of the community about caring for them. On the other hand, we wanted to use textiles as an embodiment and materialization of the information we intend to make visible, since the fabric allows us to create a network of knowledge while resembling bird nests.

Nathalie Arana
Glenda Aune
Juan David Garavito
Débora Gonzales
Laura Gonzáles
Viviana Moya
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