Parebolas Pa' Que Entienda
Vocabulary of Colombian daily life
Bogotá, Colombia (2017)

Parebolas Pa’ Que Entienda - Vocabulary of Colombian daily life was the theme selected for the final project of the class Exhibition Design in the master’s degree in Design of University of Los Andes. It is a proposal that materializes the importance of language in Colombian cultural identity. The vocabulary of everyday becomes invisible and loses its cultural character as it is part of daily life. The exhibition "Parebolas Pa’ Que Entienda” (a recurrent expressions of Colombians) aims to enhance the richness of Colombian and the different dialects of the territory through interactions.

Eva María Amate Gallardo
Nathalie Arana Moreno
Otoniel Humberto Castañeda Rodríguez 
Débora Falleiros Gonzales
Edwin Fernando Espitia Jaramillo
Luís Fernando Lemus Cordero
Lissette Lorena Muñoz Ortíz
Leidy Lorena Rodríguez Pinto
Óscar Felipe Salavarrieta Díaz
Cristiam Vargas López

The New Professions in Museums and Exhibitions - Showing, Narrating, Exposing Peppino Ortoleva

Karen Aune
Andrés Eduardo Burbano Valdés

Universidad de Los Andes Maestría en Diseño
Ángela Patricia Bernal Larotta 
Jeniffer Liliam Mendoza Espinosa 
Maria Belén Castellanos
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