Una San Andrés más sostenible
Bogotá, Colombia (2017)

The Master's Degree in Design of University of Los Andes integrates the academy, the people, the communities, the industry and the organizations to generate new knowledge under different subjects based on the design vision of the University of the Andes. The Master Studio presented to the students the challenge of studying the Island of San Andrés in Colombia. Visions from Design for a Sustainable San Andrés is a design research to look for new ways to address sustainability in the island.

The research started on the environmental, economic, social and cultural ecosystems of San Andrés, in order to detect and diagnose the sustainability problems the island faces. After an academic semester of investigation, field work and analysis of the island, the group delivered four sustainable proposals.

Eva Amate - Estudiante de maestría (Diseño Uniandes)
Edwin Espitia - Estudiante de maestría (Diseño Uniandes)
Débora Gonzales -  Estudiante de maestría (Diseño Uniandes)
Lissette Muñoz - Estudiante de maestría (Diseño Uniandes)
Christiaan Nieman - Director de proyecto (Diseño Uniandes)
Carolina Obregón - Directora de proyecto (Diseño Uniandes)

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen - Director invitado (Lightleaps.com)
Daniel Nadal - Asesor Invitado (Arquitectura Uniandes)
Gareth Doherty - Asesor Invitado (Harvard University)
Jame Salovaara - Asesor Invitado (Aalto University)
Sujil Kodhatoor - Asesor Invitado (Aalto University)
Sol Trejos - Asistente Audiovisual (Diseño Uniandes)

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